Richard Sunderland

Exhibition runs from 8th February to 30th March.

I paint in any medium but prefer oils and watercolours, dabble in printmaking and wax resist, love to draw. Structure, tone, light and shadow basically rule, they motivate me and guide how I look at the urban and rural environment while trying to discover the legacy of a place. Recorded thoughts and ideas, whether historic, geographic or even scientific, permeate my work. My mixed media watercolours are like stains on walls, the recording of the evolving effects of time on the landscape.

The wilderness of Dartmoor and the streets of Plymouth have been shaped and are constantly being changed by social and economic forces, and the evidence of time, the regenerating and decay, motivate and inspire me. Scratching and staining through paper, board or canvas I discover qualities that connect to the fabric of a place, the light and dark, harmony and balance, the relationship the location has to the surrounding environment, whether natural or unnatural, pure or cracked, ancient or modern.

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Feeling the love

Since Artmill moved to its present location the Plymouth Society of Artists has established a warm and lasting relationship with the gallery, arguably the city's most prestigious exhibiting space for the professional artist working in the South-West region. The PSA was established in 1944 and has an enviable record of exhibitons in the city since that time. Artmill has been invaluable in helping us maintain this continuity over the past ten of those years with exhibitions that are fresh and vibrantly mounted and always approached with the utmost professionalism.

Lar Cann, Chairman
Plymouth Society of Artists

To look for a passion and enthusiasm in Art and for artists, to freely give a personal response to their diverse arts & crafts, is making a visit to the Framing Centre and Artmill Gallery. They provide, support and expertise in framing, archiving and curating exhibitions. You are brilliant, thank you for showcasing all that is good in my art and making my art look even better.

Richard Sunderland