Roy Goodman and Karen McEndoo

Karen McEndoo: Karen`s early life was spent in Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia) which has had a tremendous influence on her work. The inspiration of rich colour, design and music around her and the memories of scorched earth after the first rains are all evocative in her work.`Unbound by physical representation, pure abstraction enables me to more fully penetrate the world I inhabit`

Roy Goodman: This artist works in acrylic and mixed media on canvas, also gesso on board. His subject matter, although veering to the abstract is influenced by the Cornish landscape around him. There are expressive brush strokes, textures and hard edged lines, a wonderful use of colour and space makes these works a veritable feast for the eye.

The Exhibition is running until the 28th September


The PSA was formed and named by a group of lecturers at the then Plymouth School of Art in 1944. Enthusiastic to join and exhibit their work together for the people of Plymouth, a city still flattened after the Luftwaffe blitz the Plymouth Society of Artists began to take shape and has grown in member numbers and reputation ever since.

Exhibition is on till 21st September

Steven Buckler

It is the influence man has made on our South West Landscape that Steven Buckler looks for in his dramatic paintings and drawings. Exhibition Finished.

From the Dartmoor National Park to the China Clay country he seeks out the less conventional and the strangely intriguing.  Telegraph poles, road signs and dilapidated buildings feature heavily, frequently including a dramatic weather laden sky.

This is Steven’s first time showing here at Artmill, so please join us, meet him, have a glass of wine and see his exciting work.

Included in this show is a small collection of ceramics by potter Timothy Copsey.  A larger collection of pots by Tim will feature later this year.

There will also be an Artist Talk by Steven
on Friday 26th July at 5 30pm.

The exhibition will be running until 10th August

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Feeling the love

Since Artmill moved to its present location the Plymouth Society of Artists has established a warm and lasting relationship with the gallery, arguably the city's most prestigious exhibiting space for the professional artist working in the South-West region. The PSA was established in 1944 and has an enviable record of exhibitons in the city since that time. Artmill has been invaluable in helping us maintain this continuity over the past ten of those years with exhibitions that are fresh and vibrantly mounted and always approached with the utmost professionalism.

Lar Cann, Chairman
Plymouth Society of Artists

To look for a passion and enthusiasm in Art and for artists, to freely give a personal response to their diverse arts & crafts, is making a visit to the Framing Centre and Artmill Gallery. They provide, support and expertise in framing, archiving and curating exhibitions. You are brilliant, thank you for showcasing all that is good in my art and making my art look even better.

Richard Sunderland