Fine Art Original Prints

The gallery holds an excellent selection of Fine Art Prints from a range of print makers and techniques both regional and national.

  • Etching
  • Relief
  • Lithograph
  • Mono
  • Lino
  • Woodcuts

Print and drawing shows are a feature for us and an inexpensive way to boost an original fine art collection.

Work shown:

  • Gavin Blench
  • Peter Clossick
  • Eileen Cooper RA
  • George Donald RSA RSW
  • Shelly Dyer
  • Mary Gillett
  • Dorothy Hanna
  • John Howard
  • Richard Kaye
  • Olivia Krimpas
  • Janet Lynch
  • Susan Lewry
  • Robert Manners
  • Jenny Morse
  • Breon O`Casey
  • Charlotte Price
  • Pine Foroda Print Group.
  • Sally Spens
  • Hillary Soper
  • Madeleine Strobel
  • Rita Smith
  • Charlotte Sainsbury
  • Tim Southall
  • Kevin Tole
  • Masako Whitehouse

Feeling the love

James and the team always provide a bespoke service of the highest standard for our framed Raiders merchandise. The attention to detail is fantastic

Ross Mackenzie
Director, Plymouth Raiders

My expectation in framing is straightforward, though exacting. It needs to be impeccably crafted and not detract from the work with unnecessary embellishment, but support and enhance it with an elegant simplicity. I get this from 'the team' at The Framing Centre. The bonus is that it is all done with a ready acceptance of the quirky one-off; no hint of working to a well-trodden format here. This flexibilty is perfect for my needs and they have been my framers of choice for the past eight years.

Lar Cann